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Jan 17

How to lead the way with learning analytics (Free Guide)

Imagine being so confident in your understanding of your audience that you can design elearning you know will work. This is the edge that Chief Learning Officers and Heads of L&D have been looking for, and it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! There’s a wealth of learning analytics data out there, but having […]

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Nov 01

Reaching 3 million learners and beyond

Here at Elucidat, our “North Star Metric” is our learner count. It guides the decisions we make and the direction we take. We’ve just hit the 3 million learner mark one month earlier than expected, and we’re pretty excited about it! We thought it was worth reflecting on why we care, and what it means […]

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Sep 13

Online Training Providers: Sink, Swim or Soar?

The explosion of the elearning industry and the increasing needs of the modern learner for on-demand, accessible and personalized learning present a huge opportunity to training providers. The most savvy are already leaving clear ground between themselves and their competition. Training providers with an eye on the future recognize what’s being called for, and have […]

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Aug 29

Product Update: Elucidat’s Page Progress Indicator

At Elucidat, we never settle. Even though we’ve been creating modern, engaging scrolling pages for a long time, we’ve been asking ourselves how they can be even better. The result? The Page Progress Indicator that helps you take your scrolling pages to the next level. What is the Page Progress Indicator? The Page Progress Indicator […]

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Aug 23

How to build a business case for elearning authoring tools

If you believe that a new elearning authoring tool would have a positive impact on your organization’s success, but need to get stakeholder buy-in, you need to put together a bulletproof business case. We’ve outlined a structure and key points you need to cover to help get your stakeholders onboard. Remember, it’s not all about […]

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Jun 28

How do you like your elearning? Dead or Alive? [Webinar]

What do you want your digital learning to be? Something that listens and responds to audiences’ needs, uses data smartly to personalize content, and pushes learning beyond the “moment” by driving conversations and encouraging sharing? Or something static, fixed size, and with a limited shelf life? Watch the recording of our webinar with Anders Pink […]

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