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Jan 26

Social elearning is the future: Are you coming?

Social learning isn’t new. It’s always been powerful, and the most favored way to learn. With social learning tools set as the number one tech to shake up the market – and the repeated calls from Jane Hart to shift away from old school elearning to harness cultures of socially-driven workplace learning – it’s time […]

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Nov 30

5 Tips To Make Your Microlearning Strategy Really Deliver

The shift from “courses to resources” has been a hot topic for more than ten years. Many learning designers chop up their content. But is this really microlearning? In this article, Kirstie Greany challenges traditional perceptions and shares some ideas on how to create a successful microlearning strategy.

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Nov 07

Style It Up, Style It Down—Style Your Elearning Any Way You Want, And Switch Between Different Looks, In Seconds

Elucidat’s new “Styles” feature empowers teams to quickly set up multiple styles and switch between them whenever they like and across multiple projects. Read on to learn how online training providers and global learning teams are using Styles to quickly customize large volumes of learning content. According to research around the use of digital content for […]

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Oct 26

10 Elucidat Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Modern elearning is smart, catering to learners’ individual needs and abilities, and supporting learning from others through social interactions. Elearning is also collaborative, such that learners can provide feedback and you can learn how they use your content. But you can’t get these options from an authoring tool, right? Well, actually, you can. Elucidat’s authoring tool […]

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Sep 26

5 Best Practices to Help You Deliver Real ROI from Learning

How can L&D teams and training providers ensure they not only keep up with the needs of businesses and consumer-like learners, but also prove that what they do works? In this article, we’ll explore five ideas to help you deliver and prove the business value of your learning. 1. Align your strategy to real business […]

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Sep 20

What’s The Secret To Learning That Converts Into Action? Blended Learning (Increases Success x4)

That’s right, blended learning increases the application of learning to the workplace by four times. At least, that’s what came out of the most recent benchmarking report from Towards Maturity. Towards Maturity surveyed 600 L&D teams from various organizations and focused on what the top-performing teams are doing that makes their learning strategies get great […]

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