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Oct 24

Top Tips To Deal With “Negative” Learning Data

Some training managers may not collect data because they don’t want to know the real results. If it’s not going your way, you may not want to know, right? But without knowing the truth, L&D managers risk dropping out of sync with modern learning behaviors and “losing” customers. To stay relevant, useful, and prove business […]

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Aug 09

How Five Companies Use Elucidat To Empower In-House Teams To Speed Up Processes And Production

The success stories below show how five companies used Elucidat as a collaborative authoring tool to empower in-house teams to speed up their processes, produce more elearning content, save costs, and meet learners’ needs. 1. Tesco Tesco’s L&D department, part of the UK’s largest retailer, wanted to increase digital learning across the organization. To accomplish that, […]

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Aug 01

5 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review

New technologies are changing the way you deliver learning. In this article, Steve Penfold reviews five leading elearning authoring tools. Compare each tool based on ease of use, themes and designs, feature set, and price. I think it’s fair to say that no one, not even professional elearning development houses, creates elearning without the use of […]

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