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Mar 10

5 examples of useful customer training

It’s important to differentiate your training from your competitors’ to maintain a competitive edge and to provide a good value-added service to your customers. Here are some ways to do this while also providing your customers with a superior learning experience: Employ quality designs to make your online training standout and look more professional Use […]

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Mar 03

Customer training: Hubspot vs Zendesk vs Xero

Customer training is on the rise. We look at three customer training programs and explain why we like each of them. Which one do you like the best? Hubspot Academy: Customer training that helps people understand Hubspot and Inbound marketing HubSpot Academy offers certification, documentation, and training programs to help people understand how HubSpot and […]

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Mar 01

How to implement a successful customer training program

You’ve got a great product or some really useful information, and you want to add value by giving your customers training opportunities. That’s a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from competitors and delight customers. But if you’re serious about providing useful training that’s as professional as the rest of your customer-facing services, you must approach […]

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