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Mar 03

Customer training: Hubspot vs Zendesk vs Xero

Customer training is on the rise. We look at three customer training programs and explain why we like each of them. Which one do you like the best? Hubspot Academy: Customer training that helps people understand Hubspot and Inbound marketing HubSpot Academy offers certification, documentation, and training programs to help people understand how HubSpot and […]

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Feb 23

8 online training examples you can draw inspiration from

Stuck for ideas with your online training? Take a look at these innovative examples from eight of the world’s leading online training organizations. 1. Khan Academy Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with the aim of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. The organization produces short […]

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Feb 03

Elearning inspiration: Ulka Academy, Uni of QLD, Tim Slade

Stuck for new ideas? Draw inspiration from these elearning examples from Ulka Academy, University of QLD and Tim Slade. Ukla Academy: Save the Island A neat little module demonstrating gamification in language learning.   Why we like it: Gamification – levels that only unlock as you progress. Personalized by using the learner’s name interactive language practice […]

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Feb 02

6 training courses created with Elucidat (built by Learning Evolution)

Learning Evolution is a successful Elucidat partner based in the United States. Here are six training courses they have built with Elucidat’s authoring platform. Titleist’s Vokey Design SM6 Education Course This is a great example of using Elucidat to create product training for new product launches. This course provides amazing ROI for the company by leveraging expensive marketing […]

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Jan 12

5 innovative online training providers (and why we like them)

Online training providers are changing the traditional ways we consume training. In this article, I’ll look at five market leaders and break down what I like about each of them. 1. Why we like Granular course design: each course consists of around 40 videos, grouped into ‘chapters’ with bite-sized segments of around 8 minutes. And […]

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Jan 07

Elearning inspiration: Curtin University, Delphi, Keith Freeman

Let’s look at four inspiring examples of elearning. Don’t miss the chance of learning a thing or two from these organizations.   Curtin University: The Virtual Home Visit Why we like it: Good example of a VR program for learning and development available as a fully interactive demo. VR mask ready e.g. Oculus. Works on any smartphone, tablet […]

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Jan 05

Best of 2015: 20 excellent elearning examples to inspire your next project

Here’s a list of 20 inspirational elearning examples from Elearning Superstars. Virgin Atlantic: Animated flight safety film Why we like it: Story telling approach Fresh and stylish use of well-known movie genres to get the message across Attention grabbing (and holding) Strong script and storyboard Stylish sophisticated design and animation Memorable, simple and fun! Visit […]

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