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Nov 22

Behind the scenes of a creative elearning development process

Have you ever wondered how your favorite piece of digital learning came to be? How it went from a blank slate to a polished experience, and what it looked like at the various steps along the way? Come behind the scenes of a recent collaboration between The Open University, Elucidat, and digital creative agency, Tilt. Get an insight […]

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Nov 08

5 key considerations for your learning technology growth stack

Making the right learning technology choices relies on really understanding your learners. Your learning technology should enable your content to stay “alive” over time, supporting your learners as their needs evolve. Ultimately, get this right and you’re going to increase learner engagement and drive improvements in business performance. Get it wrong, and you’ll be stuck […]

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Nov 01

Microlearning: beyond a mass of meaningless content

With so many jumping on microlearning’s bandwagon, is it the big L&D heist many experts argue – or is promise lurking? As always, it comes down to execution. We’ve shared 3 tips and microlearning examples to help make yours work. What is microlearning? Microlearning – what does it mean? A debated term in the industry, […]

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Sep 13

Online Training Providers: Sink, Swim or Soar?

The explosion of the elearning industry and the increasing needs of the modern learner for on-demand, accessible and personalized learning present a huge opportunity to training providers. The most savvy are already leaving clear ground between themselves and their competition. Training providers with an eye on the future recognize what’s being called for, and have […]

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Jul 18

Tips to help market and sell online courses

A market research report recently announced that the global elearning market is set to grow over 17% over the next 3 years [source]. So, embracing the opportunity to get involved with creating, and potentially selling your own content could yield great results. There are now a range of platforms available that allow you to create or […]

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Apr 28

How digital learning can really help leaders and managers

Leaders and managers are crying out for smart, personalized, blended, and digital solutions they can access on any device – wherever and whenever they need it. If they can’t find what they need in-house, they turn to Google. So, if you want to provide leaders and managers with learning and performance support that works, what […]

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Apr 04

4 online training trends to consider in 2016

Business leaders and learners are demanding more from the learning initiatives they commission and consume. Let’s look at four important online training trends you need to consider in 2016. Organizations want to see greater returns from their Learning and Development (L&D) investment, and learners expect high levels of engagement and quality of the online products […]

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Mar 22

Why employee training is important (5 reasons)

Most employers wouldn’t take on an under-skilled worker, yet many are reluctant to invest in ongoing training for the skilled workers that they have. As workplace technologies and processes evolve, this lack of ongoing training leaves once skilled workers lagging behind. Related: Learn how to implement an effective employee training program How can a business compete […]

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Mar 22

Elucidat receives top marks from International Volleyball Federation

The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) has just celebrated the successful launch of their new online training courses. The organization is using Elucidat in combination with other elearning technology to deliver online training to association members, players, coaches, referees, and officials. Elucidat received top marks from the Coaching Commission in January, and FIVB is in […]

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Feb 23

8 online training examples you can draw inspiration from

Stuck for ideas with your online training? Take a look at these innovative examples from eight of the world’s leading online training organizations. 1. Khan Academy Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with the aim of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. The organization produces short […]

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Feb 22

Pricing strategies for online training providers (3 examples)

How do you price online training courses? It’s a difficult question for many online training providers. In this article, we’ll look at three pricing strategies and examine how a number of successful organizations price their training products. Simply ‘winging’ your pricing strategy is risky. While you may be able to estimate what your online training […]

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Feb 09

Marketing strategies for online training providers

Do you want to sell more courses and drive more revenue? In this article, Ross Beard shares some marketing strategies to help online training providers attract more customers and sell more courses. Today’s training industry is ultra-competitive. The Learn 2020 project found competition to be one of the three biggest challenges online training providers will face […]

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