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Jan 31

LCMS vs. LMS: A Guide to Learning Content Management Systems

The learning technologies market is fast-growing and full of innovative products. With so many options, it can be tricky to work out exactly what you need and which products can deliver it. One of the least understood learning technologies is Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS). We’re here to give you the lowdown. What is a […]

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Nov 28

7 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review

New technologies are changing the way learning is delivered. In this article, Steve Penfold reviews and compares seven elearning authoring tools to help you determine which one is the best for you. Which is the best authoring tool, for you? I think you already know the answer to that: It depends! The best authoring tool […]

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Nov 22

Behind the scenes of a creative elearning development process

Have you ever wondered how your favorite piece of digital learning came to be? How it went from a blank slate to a polished experience, and what it looked like at the various steps along the way? Come behind the scenes of a recent collaboration between The Open University, Elucidat, and digital creative agency, Tilt. Get an insight […]

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Aug 29

Product Update: Elucidat’s Page Progress Indicator

At Elucidat, we never settle. Even though we’ve been creating modern, engaging scrolling pages for a long time, we’ve been asking ourselves how they can be even better. The result? The Page Progress Indicator that helps you take your scrolling pages to the next level. What is the Page Progress Indicator? The Page Progress Indicator […]

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Jun 21

Introducing the 5C Framework: The smart way to design elearning

Introducing our 5C Framework – essential steps for digital learning success. We’ve paired our experience in supporting over 2 million learners with the expertise of our Professional Services team to provide you with a failsafe design framework that will help you create and deliver digital learning that works. A modern alternative to ADDIE Over the […]

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Nov 25

Elucidat Releases “Analytics” To Help You Capture Detailed Information About Your Learners

This month the Elucidat team has been beavering away on some more game-changing features! We’re extra ecstatic to introduce our new Analytics feature! Elucidat’s Analytics feature allows you to capture detailed information about your learners from directly inside our authoring interface. Analytics is available to all users. This is also an additional component which you can […]

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Nov 07

Style It Up, Style It Down—Style Your Elearning Any Way You Want, And Switch Between Different Looks, In Seconds

Elucidat’s new “Styles” feature empowers teams to quickly set up multiple styles and switch between them whenever they like and across multiple projects. Read on to learn how online training providers and global learning teams are using Styles to quickly customize large volumes of learning content. According to research around the use of digital content for […]

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Dec 10

Elucidat wins a Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award

Brandon Hall awards are like Olympic medals for the learning and development industry. Following on from Elucidat’s Silver medal last year, we were delighted to hear Elucidat won Gold in this year’s awards. The next day, our team felt rather excited, so we created a Spotify playlist with our favorite golden songs! The details… Our […]

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May 04

New ‘Projects’ and ‘Releases’ page

This month we’ve changed how the ‘Your Projects’ and ‘Releases’ pages work. Let’s take a look at what we have changed: Projects Tags In the ‘Projects’ page you can now tag projects, this is very handy for organising your projects. So for example if I wanted to have all of my colleague Bill’s projects grouped […]

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Apr 30

Adding a ‘Tooltip’

This week we added a ‘Tooltip’ feature, with the tooltip feature you can add a prompt that appears when your learner hovers over a text area. Like this! Tooltips are helpful for providing your learners with additional information and prompts, they’re also very handy for providing your learner with additional references. To add a Tooltip […]

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Apr 13


Wax LRS is a superb LRS that we would like to draw to your attention which can be used with our xAPI/Tincan mode (if you’re not sure what xAPI is click here). What advantages are there with using an LRS (or Learning Record Store)? Well using an LRS saves your learners from the hassle of […]

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Apr 12

To change LRS email and ‘Log-in screen’

Before your learner gets started with a course that is using LRS mode they will see a ‘log-in’ screen where they must enter their name and their email address: By default this already looks pretty spiffy… but in a few cases we’ve found that editing the layout of this screen is necessary, for instance if […]

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