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How to Capture Needs for Your Elearning Project Plan [Free Template]

We’ve introduced our 5Cs Framework – essential steps for digital learning success. Now, we want to help you get there. To master the first and most crucial stage, get your hands on our free Capture Needs Template and set out your best elearning project plan yet.

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Click here to download the free Capture Needs Template now

Capture what? And why?

Picture the scene. You’ve been given a new elearning project by a stakeholder within your business, and perhaps a slide deck of content. Where do you start?

The temptation for many is to start turning that content into an interactive online experience straight away. But hold up a sec. If you do, how do you know that’s going to work? Or even what its success will look like?

With learners deciding if content has got their attention in just 7 seconds, and with Google providing an ever-present alternative way of accessing information, your learning needs to hit home. Content-based approaches might seem faster, but they can go off-course easily.

Our experience in supporting more than 2 million learners tells us that the most successful digital learning projects start with a clear vision before bringing in content – and that’s what the Capture stage is all about.

Capture needs for your elearning project plan in just 60 minutes

Capture might be the most crucial ‘C’ of the 5Cs Framework, but the good news is that it doesn’t need to be time-consuming. At Elucidat, we’re all about working quickly and flexibly, and our free Capture Needs Template is an example of us practicing what we preach.

Finding just 60 minutes to answer some questions about your goals, audience, and development process will uncover all the information you need to inform an effective digital learning solution. It could be the difference between a topic that engages learners and delivers ROI, and one that slides into the LMS black hole of forgotten courses.

Two heads are better than one

The more you can involve your colleagues and end users in the Capture stage, the better. Try printing out the toolkit and filling in the boxes with your main stakeholders and subject matter experts. You’ll soon get a clear picture for why your digital learning deserves to exist(!), and what one thing it needs to do really well.

As for what type of experience will help it do that thing really well? Try creating a quick survey in Elucidat to send out to a sample group of end users. Elucidat’s analytics feature makes the results super easy to read, and what better way to find out what will engage people than to ask them?

elucidat analytics

If you’re starting a commercial or large-scale project, chances are you’ll need to take your Capture stage wider and think about white-labelling, translation, ROI stats and more. Our experienced team can help in all these areas, but in the meantime, make use of our free template to get your elearning project heading in the right direction.

For more hints, tips and free tools, keep an eye out for more resources as part of the 5C Framework Toolkit over the coming weeks.

Download the Capture Needs Template now

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