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How to create amazing, reusable bespoke layouts in Elucidat

Missed our fantastic webinar on Creating Scrolling Content? Or simply want to brush up on all those great techniques that enable you to make stunning visual designs and cleaner, more streamlined user experiences? Fret not. The recording is now up on our YouTube site.

Our new expert video

For anyone who’s connected with our Support team via live chat, you’ll know just how great they are at helping customers use Elucidat smartly to get brilliant results. Now Elucidat Support guru, Joe, is sharing his wisdom around one of our smartest features: Layout Designer. And you can get your hands on that wisdom here!

What is Layout Designer?

Layout Designer is Elucidat’s way of giving you maximum control over your designs, but it’s also set up in a way that helps you get great results, quickly. You can use it to create scrolling page designs, like this:

But you can also use it to simplify and declutter the on-screen experience – making content and interactions sing – and streamline the user experience by duplicating and reusing layouts for specific purposes.

What you’ll get from our latest expert video

Practical demonstrations of how to:

  • Use containers to create standout banners and subheading areas, just as we have in the designs above
  • Add “spacers” to create visual breathing room, and remove them for small screen-views
  • Duplicate and re-use an entire layout again within the same page, save time and streamline user experience
  • Use columns to create more coherent displays and enable quick comparisons between items
  • Toggle the stacking of columns on mobile view
  • Manage scoring and completion on scrolling pages 

See how Cup of Tea was put together

Joe also goes behind the scenes in the fantastically popular Cup of Tea demo, opening up Layout Designer to show you exactly how all of the above have been used to create the end results.

Don’t miss out

Check out the video, so you too can master Layout Designer for your digital learning products and create modern, visually appealing and engaging learning experiences.

Click here to see the webinar recording.

Keen to master more?

Sign up for our free Masterclass Center, and check out the tips, tricks and demos hand-picked by our learning consultants on topics such as When to go for the Scroll; different ways to Use Layout Designer Effectively; and much more.

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