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How to create app-like, adaptive elearning [Example]

With elearning competing with all that’s available via Google, how can you deliver relevant, adaptive elearning that engages your audience and gradually helps them improve their performance?

personalized adaptive elearning

Turn your authoring efforts to creating modern, app-like experiences that help end users find their gaps and bad habits, then serve up a personalized toolkit of curated tips, guides and resources. It’s quick and easy with our smart tips – and the integration of a live Anders Pink feed will keep your content fresh.

5 ways to create adaptive elearning experiences with our expert tips

If you’ve checked out our Time Management example, you’ve seen that it provides a modern, app-like experience that provides an ultra-focused profile and personalized pathway to improving your own time management abilities. This kind of approach could also apply to improving sales and marketing performance, compliance, leadership capabilities and lots more. It’s all about making smart use of learner time – but also, authoring time.

What are the smart authoring techniques our elearning example uses? It implements curated content, provides continuous learning via the Anders Pink feed and delivers a customized experience that works for all walks of users. All it took to get there was one core diagnostic tool.

1. Create personalized pathways and profiles.

Serve up different results screens and takeaway tips based on how the learner responds to questions. We did this in our demo by using Rule-based branching.

elearning profiles

2. Run surveys and provide comparative data.

Feed in the wisdom of the crowd and enable users to learn from their peers by including social polls and comparative data. We did this in our demo via Elucidat’s built-in Surveys and Graph Because it’s a cloud-based tool, all the data is live at any moment.

personalized polling

3. Enable reflective learning by playing back user’s answers

Sometimes a good sounding board is just what we need. With Elucidat, you can capture how users answer questions and any text they write into open input fields, then play it back to them at any time. It works really well when there might be a conflict between their answers. You can do this via the built-in Clips function.

personalized adaptive feedback

4. Provide a slick, scan-able digital experience.

Should digital learning all look and feel the same? No! It should be designed for the purpose in mind and have a UX to go with it. If you’re going for a modern, app-like experience, make it look and feel like one.

Clean layouts, easy-to-access scrolling pages that you can return to for tips on the job and carefully nested extra content will help make your curated content shine. Layout Designer enables you to meet these goals (and any designs you desire!).

personalized recommended resources

5. Provide continuous learning via an Anders Pink feed.

Learning is a continuous process, so while most elearning stops, your audience moves on – literally. Support the growing learning curve and keep your products relevant by not only providing tips and tools to use on the job, but a subject-specific briefing that’s updated daily.

We dropped an Anders Pink briefing into our demo using Elucidat’s iFrame capability. It’s interactive and updates automatically. Give it a whirl using the same steps you would to embed a video.

curated content

Get further insight into our adaptive elearning example

Watch our”behind the scenes” video for further insights into the learning design thinking behind our Time Management example.

What’s next?

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