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Elucidat Releases “Analytics” To Help You Capture Detailed Information About Your Learners

This month the Elucidat team has been beavering away on some more game-changing features! We’re extra ecstatic to introduce our new Analytics feature! Elucidat’s Analytics feature allows you to capture detailed information about your learners from directly inside our authoring interface. Analytics is available to all users. This is also an additional component which you can […]

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How Elucidat Helped Elearning Newbie Create 11 Hours Of High Quality, Engaging Content

Creating learning content with zero learning design experience sounds hard, right? Not anymore. Read this success story to learn how Adam Crowther, Research Worker at King’s College, created 11 hours of high-quality content with help from Elucidat’s authoring tool and Academy program. Information Overload One of the most prestigious universities in the UK, King’s College London […]

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Style It Up, Style It Down—Style Your Elearning Any Way You Want, And Switch Between Different Looks, In Seconds

Elucidat’s new “Styles” feature empowers teams to quickly set up multiple styles and switch between them whenever they like and across multiple projects. Read on to learn how online training providers and global learning teams are using Styles to quickly customize large volumes of learning content. According to research around the use of digital content for […]

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10 Elucidat Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Modern elearning is smart, catering to learners’ individual needs and abilities, and supporting learning from others through social interactions. Elearning is also collaborative, such that learners can provide feedback and you can learn how they use your content. But you can’t get these options from an authoring tool, right? Well, actually, you can. Elucidat’s authoring tool […]

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Data: Evolve Your Learning Strategy From Art To Science

Imagine sitting down to develop a learning design strategy and already knowing the optimum length, medium, style, and tone, and even the best day of the week and the time of day to launch your content. Contributor Lori Niles-Hofmann explains why data-driven learning design needs to be part of your strategy. While there is no crystal […]

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Top Tips To Deal With “Negative” Learning Data

Some training managers may not collect data because they don’t want to know the real results. If it’s not going your way, you may not want to know, right? But without knowing the truth, L&D managers risk dropping out of sync with modern learning behaviors and “losing” customers. To stay relevant, useful, and prove business […]

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