Guide: How To Create And Deliver Personalized Learning For The Modern Workplace

If you want to learn how to create learning that delivers personalized, adaptive content that will make modern learners come back for more, than this free ebook is ideal for you.

This ebook on personalized learning gives you some simple ideas to help you develop strategies that can deliver relevant, personalized learning. It also shows you how other teams are using rules and links, surveys, and data to personalize their content.

Read to learn:

  • Why personalized learning is important. This chapter explores why personalized learning is the future of elearning. Modern learners no longer want standardized content; they want useful learning that meets their needs.
  • 5 personalized strategies you can implement today. Learn how to use data to improve experiences, surveys to deliver targeted content, and rules/links to filter content based on individual learner needs.
  • Tools and examples to help you create personalized learning. This chapter shares real world examples to show you how these strategies have been implemented by other training providers and learning teams. We review the tools you need to create and deliver personalized learning.

Download the guide: